Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

Drink plenty of fluids today- its going to be a hot one with a tough wod.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner up…

Rule 1: Every 2 min, you must complete 60 reps-

Rule 2: Only 1 athlete works at a time

Rule 3: Go for a min of 20 min or a max of 40 min

Rule 4: Keep your standards good!

Min 1: Do Max Pullups at the beginning of min 2 start doing air squats until you get a total of 60 reps between pullups and squats.

Min 3: Do max burpees. At Min 4 do squats until you hit 60

Min 5: Max Sit ups Min 6 squats until you hit 60.

Min 7: Max Push ups Min 8 Squats until you hit 60.

Min 9 Max box jumps or step ups 20″ for both. Min 10: Do squats until you hit 60.

REPEAT for at least 20 min.

Record rounds and number of reps that you did. Every 2 min count as 1 round. If you don’t complete 20 min- record only the number of rounds where you got 60 reps every 2 min.

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