ABOUT PAGECrossFit Greensboro has it’s roots in 2007 when John Meeks started training the Fire Combat Team for the City of Greensboro.    John Meeks was a strength and conditioning coach with a background working with athletes at the Greensboro Sportsplex.   He had mentored with Mike Rangel, speed and agility coach for Olympic Gold Medalist Karch Kiraly, Misty May, and Kerri Walsh and brought that style of training to the East Coast.     He also owned “The Gym” located at the Greensboro Sportsplex.   When he started working with the team, he met Co-Owner of CrossFit Greensboro and Captain of the Fire Combat Challenge Team- Bruce Fields.    In doing research for the optimal way to train the Fire Combat team, John and Bruce discovered CrossFit as one of the best ways to train  fire personal, police officers, and military operators.   In order to better understand the methodology, John got his Level 1 CrossFit certification in Viriginia Beach with a bunch of Navy Seals.     From there, he combined his knowledge of strength and conditioning with the methodology of CrossFit and started applying that to the Fire Combat team as well as his athletic training.    That year, the City of Greensboro Fire Combat team placed 5th in the world.    After having so much success with the methodology and training- CrossFit Greensboro was finally born in 2009.   We haven’t looked back since that point.    CrossFit Greensboro grew into a 4000 sq foot location in 2011, a 10,000 sq foot location in 2012 and a second location in 2012 at the Old Battleground.


Here are some of the many highlights of CrossFit Greensboro’s success:

  • Sent 2 athletes (Cameron Williams and Tracy Shuford) to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals of the CrossFit games in 2011.
  • Coached the Number 1 team at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals in 2012 sending the only team from North Carolina to the CrossFit games in California.
  • Sent a team to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals  in 2012 who moved over 10 spots form their seeding at Regionals.
  • Helped over 100 athletes receive Division 1 scholarships
  • Helped 1000s of  athletes from runners to CrossFit competitors make personal records and gains they would have never thought possible.