• rsz_johnmuscleup

    Coach John Meeks CSCS (AKA SICK MASTERMIND): John is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor and PlyoCity Speed and Agility Coach. John is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a USA Weightlifing Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Endurance Coach, and CrossFit Kettlebell Certified Trainer. He has owned and operated a taekwondo school and a full gym in his past but his true passion is working with athletes of all ages to reach their goals. He has helped over 50 athletes get athletic scholarship with many of those playing Division 1. He coached the #1 Team in the 2012 Mid Atlantic Regionals of the CrossFit Games which made it to the CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. He has been a Strength and Conditioning coach for Volleyball Vacations and Ultimate Sports Vacations and currently works with multiple clubs and teams in providing the best possible training for their sports. His outside passions include competitive beach volleyball and training until he passes out.

    #1 Worst Enemy: Overthinking things!

  • Brucecarry

    Coach Bruce Fields(AKA THE BEAST): Bruce is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor. Bruce is also a Level 1 USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Endurance Coach, and Certifed CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer. Bruce was a key component of the 2012 competitve team that was #1 in the Mid-Atlantic and made it to the CrossFit Games. Bruce is a Greensboro Fireman and a national level competitor for the Firefighter Combat Challenge. He ranked #1 in NC and top 10 in the nation for 5 years. Several of those years, he was ranked in the top 10 in the world. He has a personal record of 1:29 on the fire combat course which is has only been acheived by the most elite competitors in the world. He was a Rookie Pt Instructor for the Fire Department for 5 year and currently sits on the Greensboro Fire Department Fitness committee. He has played competitive rugby for 8 years and and he likes to lift heavy shit and mountain bike. For his birthday, he dragged a fireman dummy for a mile.

    #1 Worst Enemy: Mobility

  • matt

    Coach Matt Stein: Matt is a Level I certified CrossFit Instructor. He is a also a USAW-Level 1 and a certified CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer. He has been a police officer with the City of Greensboro since 2004, and he currently works in patrol as a Police Training Officer. Matt is also a certified personal trainer through NASM, and has assisted in teaching weight training classes for High Point University. Matt started CrossFit because he saw how well this style of training attacks both physical and mental obstacles that he faces daily. However the element of CrossFit that Matt has found the most enjoyable is the camaraderie with fellow athletes, and he takes great joy in helping others reach their athletic goals in such a fun environment.

    #1 Worst Enemy: Getting enough sleep.

  • jason_d_stone_

    Coach Jason Dvorscak: Jason is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor. He is also a CrossFit Certifed Kettlebell Trainer. After struggling with health and weight issues, he decided to make a chance by starting CrossFit. He has never looked back. For his 40th birthday, he ran 40 miles with never running over 13 miles before.

    # 1 Worst Enemy: Finding time to workout!

  • jessica

    Coach Jessica Smith: Jessica is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Level 1 Certified Crossfit Coach, Certified Crossfit Endurance Instructor and Certified Kettlebell Instructor. She has been practicing massage in NC 2005 and been at Crossfit Greensboro since 2011. She received her level 1 certification in 2012. Prior to crossfit she was a competitive figure skater and now competes in Crossfit. She loves the fact that she can share her 2 passions and help others achieve their goals.

    # 1 Worst Enemy: Being tough on herself.

  • Cameroncarryingtracy

    Coach Cameron Williams: Cameron is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and CrossFit Endurance Coach. She is a top competitor winning the Carolina Fitness Challenge and placing top 3 in multiple competitions. She placed #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Regionals in the open competition and helped the CFG win the Mid-Atlantic Regional team competition.

    # Worst Enemy: Judges

  • lauragonzo

    Coach Laura Gonzo: Laura Gonzo, PlyoKids program director and coach, is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instrutor and CrossFit Endurance Certified Trainer. Before CrossFit, Laura ran an award-winning martial arts program for children at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Indiana.

    #1 Worst Enemy: Herself

  • brianshuford

    Coach Brian Shuford: Brian is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor. Studied Sports Medicine and Physical Education at Elon College/University. Brian has been addicted to CrossFit ever since he was demolished by his first WOD, 5 minute Wall Balls, in 2011. A huge fan of Olympic Lifting, he aspires to compete as a Master in USAW sanctioned meets.

    Worst enemy: getting old

  • creed

    Coach Jeremiah Creed: Jeremiah has a degree in Exercise Science from UNCG. He is a Level 1 certified Coach through crossfit and one of the first to go through CFG's Coaches Course. His favorite workouts include sleds, atlas stones, tires, any other odd object. For his birthday, he tackled a kilometer of heavy tire flips completing in 45 minutes. At every class, he works hard to make sure every person leaves better than when they started.

    Worst Enemy: 2 for 1 Wall balls

  • steiner

    Coach John Steiner: John is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit coach. Born an raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, John grew up playing competitive hockey. Since the end of his hockey "career", CrossFit has filled his need for competition. It is rare that you don't find him in the gym. You can find him playing music, hiking, or cooking. Favorite wod has hot to be Fran, olympic lifting.

    Worst Enemy: running

  • ryan

    Coach Ryan Lepper : Ryan is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist (HFS) with the American College of Sports Medicine. He holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. An Indiana native, Ryan has made health and fitness both a lifelong professional and personal passion. He is drawn to the CrossFit model because of the challenges it offers and the potential it has to strengthen individuals, both physically and mentally.

    Worst Enemy : Finding that place…and wallballs!

  • marissa

    Coach Marissa (Mo) McGuirk: Mo is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor and a Certified CrossFit Kids Trainer. Mo is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and holds a Masters of Kinesiology. Raised in the Adirondacks, she has a background in marathon training and long distance adventure races. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the intense and unpredictable workouts. For her 24th birthday WOD she completed 1,000 burpees for time.

    #1 Worst Enemy: Coordination.

  • nik

    Coach Nik Latora: Nik is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor and Certified CrossFit Kids Trainer. Nik was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and fell in love with the challenge and intensity it provides. As a personal chef, she enjoys how CrossFit is intertwined with nutrition and the formation of healthy habits. Her favorite things to do are pull-ups, olympic lifting and pistols.

    Worst Enemy: The words "should have."

  • image Nick Colvin. Nick is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor & Certified CrossFit Mobility Trainer. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 as a way to get in better shape for the Army & fell in love with the process. My favorite things are lifting, seeing members PR & reach their goals, cranking the music up & gladly doing it!!

    Worst Enemy: Running. I hate running.