Friday 10/23/2015

Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

We will have open gym from 9-11 Saturday morning at Norwalk but no class. We would like everyone to come out for the fundraiser wod at 11:30. We will partner you up if needed. Hope to see you there.


4×10 Good Morning- increase weight from last week

4×10 Hip Extensions

Power Clean (10×2 power clean 70% touch and go)


Metcon (12 Rounds for reps)

12 Min EMOM

5 Deadlifits/5-30 Double Unders at 0,2,4 etc

5-15 Ring dips on the odd minutes


Metcon (Time)

Run to the 100 Back to the 50

then to the 150 and back to the 100,

then to the 200 back to the 150 then 2

he 200 back to the 150 and to the 250

until you reach 400m then run to the

350 back to the 400 to the 300 back

to the 350. Work on changing

directions quickly

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