Norwalk, Battleground – Level 1

Saturday will be at Norwalk. We will have open gym and some competitor training at 8:00am and class at 10:00am. Hope to see you there.


Snatch (7×1 at 90% of what you lived last week )

CrossFit Strength Bias WORK

Dumbbell/KB Jumps (4×4 dummbell jumps – minimize ground contact)

Holding a kb or dumbbell in each arm. Lower it to mid knee and explode up into a jump.

Dual Kettlebell Strict Press (5×8 )


Metcon (12 Rounds for time)

12 Min EMOM

First Minute: Max DU/SU in 30 Seconds

Second Minute: 6-10 Slamball get ups(taken from overhead and get up.

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