Friday 5/30/2014

Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

What’s your goal for today? Set a goal for each workout whether it’s doing the deadlifts unbroken or rowing a certain speed 500m. Each workout should have mini-goals within it.


Squat Snatch (10×2 Squat Snatch at 50-60% of 1rm)


Metcon (Time)

500m Row/40 Slam Balls/30 Deadlifts/20 Toes to bar/ 10 OTB Jumps
Beginner: 30/20 slamballs/95 and 65 Deadlift knees to elbows/ step ups on the box jumps

Intermediate: 30 and 20 slamballs 185 and 135 deadlifts/ 24 and 20 box jumps

Advanced: 30 and 20 slam balls/ 255 and 175 Deadlifts/ Knees to elbows/30 and 24″ Box


Metcon (Distance)

Run/Row/Bike or any combo at about 70% for 30 minutes.

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