Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

If you accidentally did Back Squats on Monday then replace today’s strength with Front Squats. Record a weight of each metcon in comments. We will have class at 10:00am on Saturday at Norwalk. You are welcome to bring a friend.



Clean (WOrk up to a heavy clean)

Back Squat (1×12 at 45-60% )

Back Squat (1×10 at 55-70% )

Back Squat (1×8 at 65-80% )

Back Squat (1×6 at 75-90%)


Metcon (Time)

Metcon 1: 0-6:00

40 Bar-Facing Burpees/10 Snatches at 75-80% of Power Snatch Max. Start the next metcon at 6:00 no matter where you finish.

Metcon (Time)


30 Bar facing Burpees/ 15 Snatches at 70-75% of max. Start the next metcon at 12:00

Metcon (Time)

12-18:00 20 Bar Facing Burpees/20 Snatches at 65-70% of Power Snatch Max.


Metcon (Distance)

30-45 min of continuous activity. Run/Row/Bike

Advanced Work

Metcon (Time)

10 Pistols/3 Rope Climbs/14 Pistols/2 Rope Climbs/ 18 Pistols/ 3 Rope Climbs

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