Monday 3/14/2016

Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

Don’t Forget to input your scores into the Games website!


Low hang Snatch (4×4 around 75% from the hang )

From the knees

Glute-Ham Raises (4×10 glute Ham Raises )

CrossFit Strength Bias WORK

You have the option of doing the metcon today.

Deadlift (90%x2)

Deadlift (93% x 1, 95% x1 )

Deadlift (80% x1 or more)

Good Mornings (same weight as last week )


Metcon (12 Rounds for reps)

12 Min EMOM

6-10 Calorie Row

10-15 Box Jumps

You can start with either one.

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