Monday 8/29/2016

Norwalk, Battleground – Level 1

We will be moving into more of an Olympic Lifting focus for our next strength cycle. First, we will test then the goal will be more to focus on lots of technuque work to fix our skill issues.


Snatch (Work up to something heavy)


Metcon (Time)

500m Row

25 Wall Balls

500m Run

25 KB Swings

.5mile Airdyne

25 Pullups

You must do the row /pullups run/kb swings together but you can start with any pair.. Start with the row/run/airdyne

Adv/Rx+: 30/20/ to the 10 32/24 C2b Pullups

Rx: 20/14 to the 10/9. 24/16kg

Scaled. 14/10 to the 10/8 16/12kg Scaled Pullups


Metcon (Time)


Unbroken Double unders

Advanced Work

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

10 Min EMOM

5-15 GHDS

1-5 Strict MU

Every 2 Min for 5 rounds

Also do 2 min of Grip work

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