The Correct Way to sit in a chair!

I think everyone has heard me say this at least once.   The best squatter in the world is a 3 yr old.   They drop straight down, chest up, feet flat, and they can sit there all day long.   This is how we are designed to sit.   3 yr olds haven’t spent half of their life sitting in a chair.   Starting in grade school, increasing with the ability to drive a car, and then to office jobs- we spend a majority of our life sitting on our butts in a chair.   The abuse our posterior chain takes over time takes a long time to repair.  Many of our back, hip, and knee pain come from the amount of time that we spend sitting on our bum.   The repair and re-activation process is slowed when you spend 3 hours a day sitting and you struggle to spend 5 minutes squatting.    So what’s the jest of this:   sit less- mobility is life – squat more!  Here is a goal everyone can do- squat every time you do something different throughout the day.    Get up and cook breakfast- squat, brush your teeth- squat, get out of your car- squat, walk the dog – squat.    You should be able to squat well(feet flat, chest up, back flat, knees in line with toes) any time of the day.

Happy Squat Day!

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