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Norwalk – Level 1

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Bench Press (8×3 60-65% slow down – explode up )

weighted dips (Not on the rings 3×6-10)


Metcon (Time)

3 Person WOD:

20 Min TIME Cap 1 Person runs/rows/bikes

2k Row 1600m Run Air Runner

100 Calorie Bike

1 Person hold 2 dumbbells while 1 person works.

Adv: 70/50

Rx: 50/35

Scaled 35/20

Rotate through in any order and do the exercises in any order but you must complete 1 exercise before going to the next. Add :01 For every 10m/1 Calories that you do not complete.


Metcon (Time)

5×50 DU Goal is to do 50 DU unbroken. If you cant do 50 pick a number that you can do consistently and get 250 DU