Norwalk, Battleground – Level 1


Push Press (1×5 at 35, 45,55)

Push Press (1×3 at 65,70)

Push Press (1×3 at 80% or more)

Strict Pull up (Superset with 5 sets of strict pullups/work)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Death by partner wod:

Facing your partner with each person holding a bar. Partner 1 does 1 thruster then partner 2 does 1 thruster. Partner 1 does 2 then Partner 2 does 2. You can’t put the bar down until failure. As soon as you are done start a death by bar facing burpees. Min 1: Do 1. Min 2: Do 2. One partner must do all the burpees in that round.

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