Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1


Ankle Mobility


Back Squat (Every 3 min – do 6-8 reps around 70-80%- Superset)

Dumbbell/KB Jumps (Do these immediately following the back squat)

Holding a kb or dumbbell in each arm. Lower it to mid knee and explode up into a jump.

Rear Elevated Split Squat (Do 3 sets of 6 on one side followed by jump lunges)

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Superset the rear elevated split squats with jump lunges all on the same leg.


Metcon (Distance)

20 Min Partner AMRAP: Switch as often as you like.


1st 500m – Partner Holds a KB in the bottom of the squat 24/16

2nd 500m – Partner Holds the pullup position(top position for rx)

3rd 500m – Partner Holds the push up position(planked out- straight line)

4th 500m – Partner holds pullup bar in a knees to 90 position.

Then start over.

Score: total meters rowed.


Instructor Choice

Advanced Work

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