Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1


KB Dorsiflexion work followed by Fun Warm up.


Dumbbell Bench Press (3×6-8 immediately followed by max push ups/plyo PU)

Pull-ups (Every 3 min 6-8 Pullups(strict/c2b, etc) then)

Immediately go into ring rows to failure after pullups

Ring Rows (These are immediately following the pullups)


Metcon (Time)

21-15-9 Russian KB Swings/50 Double Unders in between each round and at the end.

Adv: 36kg/28kg DU Must be unbroken with no mistakes

Rx: 28 Kg/20 KG

Scaled: 24/16kg or less


Metcon (No Measure)

Core work of choice


Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

10x100m Runs Full recovery between each run

Advanced Work

Metcon (12 Rounds for reps)

12 Min EMOM

Even Min 80% squat Clean by 2

Odd Min 5-15 HSPU

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