Wednesday 8/20/2014

Battleground, Norwalk – Level 1

Don’t Forget WOD for Dogs is this Saturday at Battleground.



weighted hip raise

Performed like a hip hike but with the shoulders on a bench and weight sitting on your hips


Capacity Test (3 Rounds for time)

500m Row
25 Burpees
25 Pullups
Rest 10:00
Repeat 3x


Metcon (12 Rounds for time)

12x200m Runs

Advanced Work

Metcon (Time)

16 GHD/ 6MU
14 GHD/5 MU
12 GHD/4 MU
10 GHD/3 MU
8 GHD/2 MU
6 GHD/1 MU

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